Born in 1957, Dave grew up in a neighborhood called Rosemont in Sacramento. It was the baby boom and he was surrounded with dozens of other children and young families, and life was good. Dave attended Sacramento schools until his freshman year of college when he travelled to southern California and Biola University (primarily, we suspect, to be close to Disneyland). One year later, he was back home in Sacramento and finished college at Sacramento State, with a Bachelor’s in Business Marketing and a minor in Communications.

Then God got ahold of him. Dave’s parents are Christians and he was actively involved in church and youth group, and Jesus was Savior. But Jesus wasn’t Lord. It was 1981. 2Corinthians 13:5 says, “Test yourselves to see if you are in the faith; examine yourselves!” Dave flunked, and life wasn’t working. God made it clear he needed Jesus in charge, and he told Jesus to take over.

A good man named Roger Martin began discipling Dave. Later, Roger would move to Danville and start a church called Rolling Hills, where he would pastor for 22 years. Meanwhile, Dave went to Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon, and earned an MDiv in Theology and a ThM in Church History. And got married to Debbie. The family exploded with 4 kids in 7 years while doing Youth Ministry at Voyagers Bible Church (Irvine, CA), Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church (Fair Oaks, CA), and Bayside Church (Granite Bay, CA).

In 2006, Dave was called to pastor Rolling Hills. His passion is for people to see God through the truth expressed in his Word and the love displayed by his Church.